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Why Invest in Niseko?

investing NisekoThere are many reasons to invest in the Niseko real estate market. The economic rationale is straightforward, the supply of quality properties has not met the demand from overseas investors. Increasingly, Japanese investors are also looking to capture the charms of this unique international destination that defies traditional Japanese property supply and demand characteristics.  This has led to price appreciation for many owners, but more importantly, the property prices in Niseko are still at a fraction of the cost of property prices elsewhere in Asian capital cities and other international ski destinations.  With reliable rental yields and the lack of bank lending to overseas property owners, nearly all of the properties in Niseko are fully funded which means there are few distressed sales and thus a floor is often set on Niseko property prices.


The lifestyle reasons for investing in Niseko range from wanting a family home to create great memories to securing quality accommodation during peak winter season when availability is hard to find and the prices are at a premium.  As our cities become more crowded, polluted, and chaotic, the value of having a home in a tranquil, clean, and healthy environment is on the rise.  With activities for every age and world renowned produce, seafood, and dairy on your doorstep, Niseko is a destination that offers something for everyone.

Japan`s Legal SystemFreehold Real Estate

The legal system in Japan is simple and open.  All of our properties for sale are freehold and there are no restrictions on foreign ownership.  Buyers may use a company to purchase a property, buy individually or in joint name.

Winter wonderland

Niseko is an international destination because of the reliable, high quality powder snow. Winter sports have been increasing in popularity across Asia and Niseko is an obvious choice in contrast to the timezone challenges with flying to Europe or North America, the unreliable snowfall, and the long lift queues.  Niseko offers a long, reliable, ski season, plenty of space for everyone, no need to get accustomed to high altitude, and access to interesting, yet ski-able, terrain both on-piste and off. All this, and hot springs to relax in afterward.

Natural and fresh

Food of HokkaidoHokkaido food products and mountain spring water have become almost a brand in themselves across Japan and overseas, with emphasis on careful, healthy production rather than mass produce. A growing field of medical research in Japan is “food as medicine”, and Niseko is a draw for Japanese (and overseas visitors) seeking to escape the summer heat and enjoy clean air, naturally clean and healthy water, and delicious produce.  It’s no wonder our owners are staying here more often and outside of winter.

Tourism in Japan

Japan’s tourism industry is the strongest it has ever been with record numbers of overseas visitors enjoying their holidays here.  As Japan prepares for the Tokyo summer Olympics 2020, Rugby World Cup 2019, and other international events, the infrastructure required to support tourism is also improving from easing visa restrictions, to English being more widely accepted, and better transportation links.AccessibleOver a quarter of a billion people live within 5 hours flight time of Hokkaido. With plans in place for a “Shinkansen” bullet train station and expressway access from Sapporo, trips to Niseko are getting shorter and more convenient.

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