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Can foreigners buy property in Japan?
Yes, investors who are not resident of Japan or Japanese citizens, may purchase land and buildings in Niseko without gaining prior approval – for MnK Real Estate sales. Buyers may purchase real estate in either individual, joint or company name.
Is the property classified as freehold or leasehold?
All of the property for sale by MnK Real Estate is freehold, as is the majority of property in Japan, although there are exceptions.
What is the process for building a new home?
MnK`s project management team will work with you to reserve or purchase a plot of land that is suitable for the size of house to be constructed. The specifics of the house floor plan, interior design, and fit out requirements are then discussed and agreed which provides the construction company with the information required to provide a quote. Once the quote and plans are agreed, the purchase contract is signed. Construction takes between 4-9 months depending on the size of the house and time of year the contract is signed, as there is no construction during the winter period.
What is included in the price quote?
MnK Real Estate will provide an all in price quote that includes the land, house construction, architect fees, project management fees, as well as built in cabinetry, fittings, and equipment. 8% consumption tax is payable on the value of the house and is included in the price quote. Furniture, electronics, window covering and cutlery items are the buyer`s choice/responsibility; MnK provides a sourcing service for buyers for these items if required.
What is the process for buying an existing property?
Once the buyer and seller agree the price, MnK Real Estate will prepare the documentation to be executed in return for an agent`s fee. The standard fee in Niseko is 3% of the sale price and ¥60,000, plus 8% consumption tax on this amount.
Is a Japanese solicitor required for conveyance or settlement of a property purchase?
A Japanese solicitor is recommended to confirm the contents of the sale contract, perform the title registration, confirm debts have been erased from the property, register the building (for new construction) and provide the title deed. MnK Real Estate can introduce you to a Japanese solicitor that speaks English and they can provide a quote for their services.
What is the estimated return on my investment?
The answer largely depends on the type of property purchased and the intended use. Recently, AKAZORA apartments have generated higher annual rental yields as the owners tend not to visit as frequently as homeowners in The Orchards and Country Resort and there has been a shortage of accommodation in Hirafu village. The general trend in Niseko property prices has been land and house property values have increased at a greater pace than apartments.
Can I just buy a land plot in The Orchards and build later?
The Orchards by-laws require owners to build within 18 months of purchasing a land plot.
Can I modify the floor plans for non-custom house designs?
Yes, as long as the floor plan changes do not impact the structural design of the home. There is no additional cost for minor changes to the floor plans.
Do I need to rent out my house in The Orchards?
You may keep your home in The Orchards for private use. If you decide you want to rent it out at a later time, that is possible as well.
Who will set up and manage the property after it is constructed?
MnKs`s property management team has its offices at The Orchards clubhouse and they will set up, manage, and look after the property for you.
Is there transportation in winter to and from the ski lifts and shops?
Yes, MnK`s concierge team provide a personalized transportation service to and from your Orchards home, to and from the ski lifts and shops in Hirafu. Transportation to Kutchan and other places can be arranged with MnK`s concierge.
Where is Country Resort Niseko?
Country Resort is located in the “South Village” area of Hirafu, about a 5-7 minute drive from the centre of Hirafu village and ski slopes.
Is there transportation to and from the ski slopes and Hirafu village in winter?
MnK provide a free shuttle service to and from Country Resort to the ski slopes and Hirafu village. The shuttle runs on a regular schedule and picks you up outside of your home.
Is there a restaurant in Country resort?
Yes. Bistro Cote Jardin is located at the Country Resort reception building and serves delectable French cuisine. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner most days.
Can I park my car in AKAZORA?
Yes, there is complimentary under cover parking for our AKAZORA guests. Spaces are limited and are on a first come first served basis. In the summer, cars can also park in the front of the building. However, this is not allowed in winter due to snow clearing safety.
Is there a bus to the ski slopes? (winter only)
The free Grand Hirafu and Hanazono loop shuttles stop right in front of AKAZORA. The operation start and end dates will coincide with the ski resorts first and last days of operations. To get to Niseko Village or Annupuri, you can hop onto the Niseko United Shuttle departing from Hirafu Village. This bus has a fee associated with its service, however, if you hold an ALL-MOUNTAIN LIFT PASS, you can use this in replacement of the bus fee.
Where is the closest convenience store?
The closest convenience store is SeicoMart, a one minute walk away.
Where is the closest supermarket?
The closest supermarket is the Niseko Supermarket & Deli, about a three-minute walk away.
Can I send my luggage with takkyubin (courier service)?
Yes, you can send your luggage through Takkyubin. However, please indicate your name and your booking number on the shipping slip.
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