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All About the Niseko Property Market

Houses, apartments and land

The property market in Niseko can be sub-divided into 3 broad categories, houses, apartments, and raw land.

MnK Real Estate specialises in building and selling houses in the well managed and maintained communities of The Orchards and Country Resort. In our experience, the property values in sought after, gated type communities in Niseko tend to generate a higher total return than the standalone houses and most apartments. Owners in The Orchards and Country Resort are able to enjoy and or rent their home year round, make use of the on-site management and facilities, and have room to enjoy nature, whereas many standalone houses and apartments in Niseko were not designed for year round enjoyment.

The apartment market in Niseko has been growing recently due to the relative higher yields, location, lack of supply, and strong marketing campaigns put forth by developers. MnK Real Estate specialises in the sales of units in Akazora, a 26 unit apartment building in the center of Hirafu village that offers on-site management in the winter, underground parking, and year round access, at an affordable price.

The apartment market in Niseko is about to grow substantially with plans unveiled for many high end developments over the next few years.  The challenge for owners in the high end apartment market will be to hold onto their initial values when these newer apartments come on line.  In Niseko, older apartments tend to suffer wear and tear more obviously than a spacious house, apartments can be hard to differentiate, some buildings may not be well maintained and sales agents tend to focus on the higher commissions and marketing efforts put forth by new developments.

Raw land (sites where no houses, roads, and or infrastructure exists) is abundant in Niseko for a variety of reasons. The main one is Niseko is located in an aging, agrarian society where many young people have left the countryside to move to the cities.  From 5km to 30km from the Niseko ski fields, there is relatively cheap land available with varying degrees of infrastructure, but very little chance for owners to generate a positive return. The potential for cash flow generation is closely linked to the site's distance to the ski field/amenities and the ability for the property to managed in a cost efficient manner.  MnK Real Estate can source land sites that suit nearly all budgets.

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