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Green Shoots MnK Real Estate Newsletter Feb 2024

Winter is always special here in Niseko. 

It's a season of snow-falling, skiers-riding (maybe also falling), families-gathering, and memory-making. It's why most of us all found our way here. It's why we dedicate ourselves to helping you on your journey to find or sell a home in Niseko as well: to be a part of this winter magnetism and seasonal love. 

We'll have more general updates soon, but in the meantime, we are leaving you with a roundup of our past few months and a look at what's coming up in 2024.

Sunlight Feature

A new chapter at Takeo Drive

Nothing is more emblematic of our growing MnK forest than the progress made at our newest community development: Takeo Drive.

Located in Arishima, Niseko, life here operates at a different pace than the usual speed most of us are familiar with. It's a bit slower, a bit quieter, and just a bit more classic Niseko. From quintessential mountain views amongst old farmland to the local artisanal shops and area museums, we created Takeo Drive to cater to those looking for value, inspiration, and an appreciation for Hokkaido's natural beauty.

December marked the handover of our two newest homes at Takeo Drive, just in time for ski season, and the start of an incomparable community experience here in Niseko. 

With another build scheduled to be completed by early Summer 2024, progress at Takeo Drive will continue throughout the year.

Three canvases remain for those looking to paint a dream Niseko home. Follow the link to learn more about this exciting development project and the home-building possibilities.

Garden Conversations

and talks of that nature

Keeping on with the theme of this letter so far, MnK CEO Eddie Guillemette sat down to talk about a bit of the background, inspiration, and philosophy behind developing Takeo Drive.

What was the impetus for developing Takeo Drive, the 4th MnK community?

Guillemette: Our property developments and business expansion (EdVenture Kid's camp, Elevate ski school, Food & Beverage, etc.) have been a response to demand from our customers. A few of our property owners mentioned they were looking for an MnK development that was primarily for owner use, allowed for additional owner input into the design, and the location was within a short drive to the mountain.

Why Arishima? Was it due more to practicality and availability, or did you and the team go in with a specific location or image in mind, and Arishima happened to match up with that?

Arishima is an area I have visited many times over the years and always thought about building a home there due to the double mountain views (Mt. Yotei and Mt. Annupuri), easy access to Route 5, and the attractive neighborhood, which has the Takeo Arishima museum, walking trails, and small businesses that I frequented (snowboard tuner Bontak, Seed Bagel, and Takano coffee).

What was the particular design philosophy that you wanted to achieve at TD?

We have design guidelines for Takeo Drive that include timber-framed buildings, natural color palettes, sloped roofs, and landscape requirements. As the community of homes is primarily for owner use rather than nightly rentals, there was wider latitude for owners to express their style.

As we move forward in the coming months, expect more updates on Takeo Drive, along with other unique real estate opportunities in the Niseko area. 

In Bloom

and other things growing

Beyond Takeo Drive, our team at MnK Real Estate also grew over the past year, allowing us to tackle more extensive home improvement challenges.

Mashu, one of our older properties in Country Resort, underwent a complete remodel this past summer and fall. It came out the other side of an entirely new home- and it was all done thanks to our refurbished renovation and development team.  

Remodels like Mashu benefits older properties with owners looking to differentiate their homes and improve their asset value, or prospective buyers looking at a “purchase and renovate” path to homeownership in Niseko.

From refreshed interiors to full-scale reforms, our Renovation, and Development team aims to create exceptional pieces of work no matter the project. To start a conversation about home improvement opportunities, get in touch here

Canopy Views

and other sights from the MnK forest

A large part of MnK is devoted to our EdVenture kid's camp: a unique spin on a typical kid's camp that runs throughout most of the year.

The winter session of camp, in particular, is a core part of the EdVenture experience, offering a whole new set of fun challenges and activities for kids to take in while parents take a well-deserved breather.

“[EdVenture] is unique compared to other kids camps because it offers activities for kids to enjoy both on and off the mountains... it's a combination of learning and an exploration of what Niseko has to offer. Exploring Lake Hangestu on snowshoes, sledding the slopes in Asahigaoka, building igloos, baking delicious treats... It's rewarding to see all the kids having fun.” - Samantha Harada, EdVenture Marketing Creator and Coordinator.

EdVenture Winter 2023-24 continues until March 31st before opening back up in April for a round of spring camp. Learn more about EdVenture camps here.

Some Ainu and Parting Words

irankarapte イランカラㇷ゚テ
Hello, welcome.

But it also means a little bit more than that.
“Allow me to gently touch your heart.”

And that's the feeling we want to leave you with when you're part of the MnK community.


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