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Green Shoots MnK Real Estate Newsletter March 2024

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The Year of the Dragon has been off to a fantastic start for all of us here at MnK, and we hope it has for you as well.

February was another busy month at MnK. The Lunar Holiday is always a fun time of year, where we can reconnect with existing owners and forge new friendships with the many guests enjoying their Niseko holiday at Akazora, Country Resort, The Orchards, and Takeo Drive.

This month, we focus on Akazora. Walking distance to just about anywhere in Niseko-Hirafu, this beloved apartment hotel has a comparatively low entry price, year-round occupancy, and a flexible owner-stay policy. We are standing by to tell you more about a selection of 1 and 2-bedroom units available for purchase.

First Timer in Niseko...

That first Niseko trip was an incredible experience. But it was also daunting trying to figure out where to stay and where to go, what is there to do, how to get there, what is this, what is that. As it turns out, the Niseko area is rather large, and while the thought of a tucked away cabin peeking out through snow-covered trees seemed like the perfect romantic vacation image, it also wouldn't be that classic Niseko experience you hear about. 

You know, the powder, the lights, the food and the drinks, everything. The "ski village," base-of-the-mountain extracurriculars that we all love. It's an essential part of any ski trip, and while we all ultimately come for the snow, a good village time just makes the trip all the more perfect. So, rather than the secluded retreat, we wanted the real heart of Niseko: Hirafu. 

But where exactly to stay turned into quite an exhaustive search. It was a Goldilocks situation when going through the booking sites: too expensive, too small, and nothing nearby. There were just too many places to count that gave off an image of a white-gloved butler, grapes in hand, awaiting you at the entrance. And that also wasn't the goal.

The goal was to feel comfortable. Comfortable and nice and cozy. That's what a ski trip should be at the end of the day, right? Surprisingly (or not), only a few places checked that box in Hirafu, and one, in particular, stood out for this planned dream Niseko trip: Akazora.

Located right in the heart of Hirafu? Check (you could place your finger in the middle of the map and land on it). Shuttles nearby? Just outside the door. Rooms with space for the group? Yes, and plenty of different types to choose from. It was an easy click and book.

The incredibly friendly front desk answered all the other first-timer Niseko questions and what-to-dos we had. From picking us up at the Hirafu Welcome Center to helping us plan which ski resorts to go to and how to get there- it was one of the easiest trips we could've asked for.

But, more importantly, that essential ski village experience? It was all just outside the door. When we wanted a quick dinner after getting off the mountain, there was the Thai place just up the street one night and then food trucks and street eats the next. When we wanted something a bit more intimate, a bit more "night out on the town," Niseko's famous The Barn could not have been any closer. Dive bars, Hokkaido seafood, classy cocktails…

It's easy to go on and on about that first Niseko trip. The first time you get to the Welcome Center and see the mountains. That first time you get lucky enough to see Mt. Yotei on a clear day. That first ride and the first night out. That first good night's sleep. And then you get to do it again the next day, then next year, and then every year- all at Akazora, in the heart of Niseko.

Digital Nomads

Shioya Maruyama, near Niseko and Otaru. Photo via Unsplash.

Japan's immigration bureau is gearing up to issue digital nomad visas starting at the end of March. This new six-month visa allows remote work across the country, with provisions for accompanying family members and spouses.

The program coincides with Hokkaido's late spring and summer seasons, offering a refreshing alternative to the warmer and busier mainland. Niseko, in particular, will stand out as an all-season destination for digital nomads looking for their next new adventure.

Beyond the winter allure, Niseko provides a practical mix of nature, culture, and a quiet, remote work environment. The area’s understated charm makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a serene yet functional locale, promising an extraordinary experience for every season. 

Additionally, savvy individuals may discover exclusive opportunities for premium accommodations during the non-winter months, adding an appealing dimension to the year-round allure.

Digital Nomads looking to explore Hokkaido during their next workcation in Japan will want to check out MnK Niseko's extended short to medium-term stay options:

Centrally located Apartment Hotel in the heart of Niseko Hirafu's ski village.

Country Resort
Charming summer homes nestled in nature, perfect for small families and couples. 

The Orchards
A community of spacious modern villas with mountain views for your team to enjoy.

Takeo Drive
Modern homes and seamless living in the farmlands of old Niseko.

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Niseko News

Arishima Memorial Museum

Arishima Memorial Museum in Niseko town, located just around the corner from MnK's latest development,Takeo Drive, is holding an exclusive ukiyo-e print exhibition until March 17th.

The pop-up gallery, sponsored by Otaru Art Base and The Nitori Culture Foundation, aims to introduce the classic genre of Japanese wood print art to foreign visitors during the area's busy winter season.

House E, Takeo Drive

This art event serves as a glimpse into the diverse offerings beyond the slopes and mountains, showcasing a side of the area that is often overlooked. The local cultural pulse extends to nearby Takeo Drive, representing a vibrant community emerging in Niseko.

Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition:
Arishima Memorial Museum
57 Arishima, Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1531
Hours: 9:00-17:00, Tuesday-Sunday
Exhibition admission: Free

Some Ainu & Parting Words

aynu アィヌ/アイヌ



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