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Why MnK?

Our Mission

To make MnK the most trusted resort accommodation management company in Hokkaido by ensuring all our property owners and holiday patrons receive the very best in friendly, flexible and professional service. We retain our customers by always living up to our ideal of “Stay as a guest, return as a friend”.

About Us

MnK is a distinctive and growing property management and hospitality company that offers professional, friendly and personalised service for our valued guests. A unique portfolio of resorts and condominiums provide guests with the highest levels of comfort and convenience, amazing value for money, and a real sense of community, all set in the beautiful surrounds of Hokkaido.
MnK is the provider of holidays and property management services to Akazora, The Chalets at Country Resort, and The Orchards Niseko. Our flexible approach to service, with an emphasis on personal interaction, ensures all guests feel welcome and at ease while enjoying their summer escape or winter adventure in Niseko.

The MnK Story

Niseko Resorts Group (NRG) was established in 2007 by Chi Guillemette to introduce the wonders of Niseko to people the world over. The company promotes happier and healthier living by providing comfortably luxurious holiday homes and apartments to investors who want to enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities, clean environment and amazing food in Niseko during any season.

MnK (Midori no Ki) was established in 2010 for the purpose of providing a hospitality solution to the unique resort-style accommodation being developed by partners Niseko Resorts Group. This type of development was new to the area at the time, and since then MnK has evolved its service model and are now the market leaders in managing estate-style, community-orientated resorts.

Each year more properties at The Orchards and Country Resort are being developed and more guests are discovering our unique resorts or are returning to visit as friends.
Midori no Ki underwent a brand refresh in 2014-15 in order to simplify and solidify our identity under the abbreviated word-mark of MnK. Midori no Ki means “The green tree” in Japanese, and our new identity while born out of the natural surrounds is also inspired by Japanese Hanko stamps. Hanko stamps are unique identifiers used throughout Japan by companies and individuals as a mark of authenticity, in much the same way as a personal signature.

MnK remains committed to our brand values of being down-to-earth, responsive, honest and sincere. Energetic and highly talented people are the key to our ongoing success. Their passion, combined with a deep sense of community, is the cornerstone of the MnK culture, and an integral part of future service delivery.

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